Vale do Anhangaba├║

The Santa Ifigenia Viaduct, located in downtown Sao Paulo with exclusive use for pedestrians, begins in Largo São Bento and ends in front of the Santa Ifigenia church, over the Anhangabaú Valley and the Prestes Maia Avenue.

Completed in 1913, the structure was fully built according to the Belgium Art Nouveau architectural style. It would be the second overpass to cross the Anhangabaú Valley, since the Chá Viaduct already existed at the time of its construction.

As subject of an eponymous samba by Adoniran Barbosa, the Santa Ifigenia Viaduct is one of the best views to the Anhangabaú Valley and the Altino Arantes Building, known as Banespão, former headquarters of the Banco do Estado de Sao Paulo, and once the largest concrete structure in the world and tallest building in the city, recently sold to an European bank.