São João

Immortalized in the tropicalia years by Caetano Veloso, with a song that takes the short title of "Sampa," this intersection between the Ipiranga and São João avenues is a famous crossing that unites two major streets downtown São Paulo.

The Ipiranga avenue was originated from the union of the "Mata-Fome alley", a passage for peasants and their cattle, on their way the slaughterhouse situated in the Liberdade district, with the "Curros alley" in the vicinity of the current Republica Square .

Many postcards of the city are located over the Ipiranga Avenue, like the Edificio Italia and the Hilton Hotel buildings, honoured in a samba song by Tom Ze, plus Oscar Niemeyer’s Copan building.

The São João avenue, who appears as a backdrop in interpretations by Adoniran Barbosa, Paulo Vanzolini, Inezita Barroso and also Jean e Paulo Garfunkel, shelters the Banespa Building, the Martinelli Building, the Correios Palace, the Galeria do Rock and the Olido gallery along its extension.

At the point where the two meet, the Bar Brahma is a traditional stage for groups like the Demonios da Garoa, the oldest Brazilian vocal ensemble in activity.